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Custom Insurance Websites

Building awesome ballanced agency websites is what we do


Insured Edge is a different kind of development firm for tomorrow's best websites! Wordpress has been the standard for years but with the size and openness of the platform comes the need for constant maintenance due to malware and need for increased security and backups. It was because of this critical flaw in WordPress that forced us at Insured Edge to find a better solution. A solution fit for small to mid-size businesses that can't employ an IT team to maintain their website.


Insured Edge is your custom website partner to help your agency  along the path of creating a new digital image. The foundation needed to start you on your way of marketing your agency in the age of all things online.



Local Size Agency

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Mid to Large Agency 

Multipule locations, 

Integration with Quote and Management software

“A good website is foundational to any marketing strategy and leveraging your local presence in the market ”

Chris McDade - Founder

Over 10 years in the insurance industry 

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